Let’s Get Physical — Physics in Unity

Unity has the ability to simulate physics for your game objects in both 2D and 3D. It allows your game elements to simulate things such as collisions, gravity. It allows you to realistically accelerate and decelerate objects as well. Furthermore it gives you the ability to fine tunes all of these so that ultimately you can create your own reality within your game world!

Now that is some pretty powerful stuff don’t you think?

To get a really detailed look at all that unity provides game devs regarding physics you can check out their manual here.

Objective: Implement the basics of Unity’s Physics Engine

Implementation: Adding a Rigidbody to an object via the inspector will allow you to have more control and physics options about how that objects interacts in your game world. Now that the Rigidbody is attached it will respond to gravity. If collier components are added your objects will respond to collisions. We’ll get into that in more detail in my next article.




Unity Developer — Technology Leader — Making Unity Game Development Look Easy

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Games Woods

Games Woods

Unity Developer — Technology Leader — Making Unity Game Development Look Easy

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