Day 4 — Professional Unity Game Engine Layout and Other Tools

You know when you’ve been doing something the same way for so long that you can’t even fathom another way of doing it?

This was me when it came to watching Jonathan Weinberger of GameDevHQ’s video on Professional Layout in Unity.

All these years I was using the default layout provided by Unity….why?!!?

Stop Hitting yourself…Stop Hitting yourself…Stop Hitting yourself

After watching the video I decided to give it a try and let me tell you…I’m hooked. Everything just flows so much better. And since I develop mobile game for both portrait and landscape mode I created a profile for each. It’s really easy to do. Let’s get to it.

Step 1- Create a New Unity Project. Straight forward.

Step 2- Once your project is created you’ll be shown the sad old default Unity layout. We’re going to be setting up two professional layouts. One for landscape and one for portrait orientations.

Firstly click on the Default drop down on the far right of Unity. Choose the Tall Layout.

Sad old default Layout

Step 3- Grab the Game tab and drag it below the Scene tab until it snaps into the right place. Then adjust the size so it’s even.

Step 4- Click on the 3 dots in the Project section and Choose “One Column Layout”.

Step 5- Click on the Layout dropdown and choose “Save Layout”. Name it “Professional Landscape”. Click “Save”.

Step 6- Grab the Game tab again and drag it to the far right of the Scene tab until it snaps into place. Just like you did with the landscape layout. Now click the edge and even it out as well.

New Professional Layout …Big N’ Tall

Step 7- Save this layout as well and name it “Professional Portrait”.

Step 8- Our last pro setup tip is adjusting the Playmode tint. In preferences click Colors and look for the “Playmode tint” click on the color and choose a color that will visually prompt you to know when you are in play mode.

Congrats! You are setup like the pros. Ever since I switched to this layout, I’ve experienced big productivity gains and overall better flow when working in Unity. Hope you find it as helpful too.

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