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Animating Sprites in Unity- From Blah to Woah!


We have the makings of a game here. Things are moving about but…there’s still something missing.

As the powerUps are moving down we’d like them to pop! The most iconic way would be to add some type of variation or maybe some…. Animation.

In this case it will be some simple color changes to the text of the Powerup and maybe shading. Luckily our asset pack has a sprite sheet that we can use along with Unity’s built in animation engine to make this happen. It’s super easy so let’s get into it!

We begin with organization. I created an Animation folder in my project view. I then grab my Triple Shot Prefab and drag it into the Scene hierarchy. Then I go to Window →Animation →Animation and dock that to my Game Window set.

I click Create, name the Tripleshot_Powerup_anim. Press the record button, select all the sprite sheet animations and drag all the sprites into the animation window. Press play to confirm it is animating correctly. Apply your overrides to your prefab and now we have a nicely animated Powerup that players can’t resist ;)

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