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Soundwave from transformers…see what I did here! >:\

Sound Plan

We have several places where we want to play sounds. Let’s see what sound clips we have first.

  1. Laser Sounds
  2. Explosion Sounds
  3. PowerUp Pickup Sounds

For the purpose of today’s article I’ll focus on the laser shot.

Assuming that you have your desired sound FX file chosen and imported into…

Basic Post Processing Options enabled (Bloom and Tint)

What exactly is post processing? Some like to compare it to the tools you would find in PhotoShop or other photo/video editing tools. Adding image effects and filters as well as color correction into your game to name a few.

These are very powerful tools and in the right hands…

Bill Paxton in Aliens!

Objective: Since we’ve introduced the concept of lives to our game its time to display the appropriate message when our player dies. Nothing too complicated here so let’s dig in.

Implementation: First we’ll add a new Text component that is a child of the Canvas called Game_Over_Text. Then we change…

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