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Games Woods
Soundwave from transformers…see what I did here! >:\

Sound Plan

We have several places where we want to play sounds. Let’s see what sound clips we have first.

  1. Laser Sounds
  2. Explosion Sounds
  3. PowerUp Pickup Sounds

For the purpose of today’s article I’ll focus on the laser shot.

Assuming that you have your desired sound FX file chosen and imported into…

Today I took a bit of a different tact. For this project I’m using generic assets provided by GameDevHQ and they are lovely but my inner Art director needed to stretch his legs. In addition to doing some work on my post processing volume. …

Basic Post Processing Options enabled (Bloom and Tint)

What exactly is post processing? Some like to compare it to the tools you would find in PhotoShop or other photo/video editing tools. Adding image effects and filters as well as color correction into your game to name a few.

These are very powerful tools and in the right hands…

In the past day I’ve added a rotating Asteroid that when hit will start the enemy spawn routine. I’ve also added a thruster animation to the Player ship. It looks really cool. Nothing too new in doing so. Just a lot of the same animation patterns we’ve used previously.


Currently when we hit an enemy with our Lasers they simply disappear. Let’s utilize our knowledge of animations and some really nice assets to make those enemies explode instead.

We start by double clicking on our enemy prefab in our project view. …

Photo by GR Stocks on Unsplash

We’ve implemented our Game Over text when we’ve run out of lives but we want the player to be able to restart the game. Let’s do this!

First off we’ll create a new Text Element in the Canvas that gives the user the instructions on how to restart the game…

Bill Paxton in Aliens!

Objective: Since we’ve introduced the concept of lives to our game its time to display the appropriate message when our player dies. Nothing too complicated here so let’s dig in.

Implementation: First we’ll add a new Text component that is a child of the Canvas called Game_Over_Text. Then we change…

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Now that we have various PowerUps and Enemies spawning. It’s time to start implementing a scoring system. Once again Unity is going to Flex it’s “Swiss army knife muscles” and lets us use its built in UI system. …

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Since we plan on having more than one power-up, it’s a good time to explore the use of a switch statement instead of our If/Else statements.

What is a Switch Statement and how does it differ from an If/Else?

The main difference is that an if/else can be used for making decisions based the parameters that it’s evaluating and a switch checks against…

Photo by Gabriel Crismariu on Unsplash

So far we’ve created a singular Powerup in the form of our Triple Shot. However we want to create a few more and maybe even …a lot more.

So the question is how do we do so modularly and efficiently? Right off the bat I know that I want to…

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